Garden Rooms

Every customer is different and it’s important for us to be able to offer choice to our client. Each garden room embodies a different representation of your lifestyle; from multi-gyms, home offices, home bars, salons, hot tub rooms and home cinema studios.


All of our designs are fully bespoke but here are some examples of previous designs. Whatever customisation you choose for your garden room, we know we are building structures that last and you’ll enjoy for many years.

Our basic garden rooms start at £15,000 and can be designed for any sort of space. We use high quality materials for every build, more details of these can be found below.



Our walls contain 8 layers, designed to maximise energy efficiency. Using the highest grade materials for strength, fire resistance and insulation.


We focus on durability and efficiency inside, as well as out. With high-quality timber and insulation, you’ll feel right at home.


As well as timber and Rockwool insulation our roofs have a vapour barrier, to reduce condensation. Keeping you warm, safe and dry, whatever the weather.


We elevate the timber off the ground, to stop rising damp. Using High-Quality Helix Screw Piles up to 2m in depth.



Finishing Touches